The Lost Gamers have found Atlantis but the ancient city and all its people are frozen in time and unable to help. However, the Outlanders to find a working portal into Avalon. But before they can escape through it, the evil wizard Sartael and his army crossed into the ancient realm before them. 


Oh, one slight wrinkle...Cozad is working for Sartael. With his tactical expertise and the element of surprise, they manage to captured the lengendary King Arthur. Luckily for the entire realm, he was able to cast Excalibur into the waiting arms of the Lady of the Lake. Nonetheless, he is thier hostage and without the King to lead them, the Knights of the Round Table will not leave Camelot.


Taote Ching and his companions, old and new, must discover a way to stop the spread of evil, rescue the King and free the realm. Oh yeah, and find a way home. COMING SOON!

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