An Epic Fantasy Saga Continues


The Dark Alliance has won the first battle and the Highlanders are retreating to the west. Tatianna is safe for the moment but she knows that the Dark Alliance will not give up the hunt for her unborn son. To make matters worse, the Wolflord is missing.


Hawkeye finds himself trapped in the underground realm of Subterreth but worse than that, he is being hunted. As he struggles to survive and return home, Hawkeye knows that even if they both survive the winter and are reunited, that with the spring thaw the Dark Alliance will once again begin the hunt to kill their son, the Chosen One, the child of prophecy.


With the help of new allies and a bold plan, Hawkeye sets out to destroy his brother and end the threat. Unfortunately, the Dark Alliance has its own plans and a spy within Hawkeye's inner circle of friends. Will the lovers survive long enough to see the child of prophecy born? Not even the gods can foresee this outcome.

TALES of the WOLF: Enter the Wolf is the second book in this Epic Fantasy Saga.


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