Tales of the Wolf

I'm a busy person and whether I go to a movie or pick up a book, I want to be entertained. As a writer, that's my goal...to entertain you, the reader.  


Therefore, I strive to write the type of books that I want to read. It is a chance to let my imagination run free and maybe take you on a journey with me. Writing is my refuge from the real world. I prefer to write on the computer but life doesn't always let me have the time to sit down and type away. However, my coworkers will tell you that I always have a notebook with me where I can scribble away some random idea or flesh out my current story whenever we have some 'dead time' at work. 


I also tend to work on more than one story at a time. My first novel, The Coming of the Wolf, took forever to complete (I started writing on it back in '95 and finally published it 16 years later). I would get stuck somewhere -- ie writer's block. Since, I was only working on one story back then, I would just stop writing as I waited for my muse to return. Now if that happens, I just switch stories and keep writing. 

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